Saving Money

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50 For Dad & Teens

The holidays are around the corner, for many families, coming up with holiday gift ideas can be stressful,  in addition to the huge toll holidays …

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Manage Money Better Using 7 Dave Ramsey Principles

If you’re new to budgeting and money management, Dave Ramsey’s principles are a great start for you to manage money better.   Specifically, his 7 Baby …

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Wedding on a small budget? Here is how to

With the average American wedding costing brides, grooms, and their families $33,931, it’s normal to experience sticker shock when planning your wedding on a small …

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Unusual Money Saving Hacks Some People Use

With the ever rising cost of living, many of us are analyzing our finances, trimming the already trim budget, and coming up with creative and …

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How to Celebrate Christmas on a Tight Budget

 Christmas is “supposed” to be a time filled with stress, family fun, good food, and making memories.  But when your goal is to celebrate Christmas …

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How We Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget.

Everyone needs to eat. Because food is a necessity, groceries take a huge chunk of your family budget.  But if you do some digging, you …

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