If you are looking for some essential blogging resources and tools, you are at the right place!

There are a lot of resources to cater the needs of a blogger. New bloggers are always asking for the tools used in blogging, that will help them to grow their blog.

This is the reason I made a list of blogging resources which can be helpful for the newcomers. These are some recommended tools.

The most common question related to blogging is “how to start a blog”. Newbie bloggers are not stepping into blogging because they don’t know

  • How to start a blog
  • Tools used to start a blog
  • How to earn with your blog
  • Convert it into a  professional and successful blog

How to Start a Self-Hosted Blog on Bluehost

I will update the list later on with some new tools. Some blogging resources / books and other material are also available for the newcomers. This will give you the idea to grow as a blogger.

You have to be very careful when you are planning for the plugins. Use some well-coded and lightweight plugins.

Famous Tools used in Blogging

Some tools are making the blogs very attractive for the customers. Some of them are used for setting up the proper blog.

As a newcomer, you need the recommendation of both types of tools. Some tools in it are making enhanced that is the reason I use them to make my business management.

Blogging Platforms

WordPress is one of the best tools used for blogging. Most of the professional and expert bloggers go with self-hosted wordpress blog that is wordpress.org.

WordPress.org is one of the famous and worth to use blogging platform. It is the most used blogging platform these days.

  • You can customize as you want
  • Free and easy to use
  • You can install plugins
  • You can use different themes to customize your design

WordPress.com Free hosting platform hosted by WordPress itself. You can use different packages on wordpress

  • Free
  • Personal
  • Premium
  • Business

Blogger.com always come with free hosting which eases the bloggers a lot. A product of Google.

Blogs and hosting services

A lot of services are working for hosting the blogs of newcomers at very affordable cost. These companies are also recommended for you, and they are useful as well.


Bluehost has some amazing discount offers. If you are planning to start a blog, you can go with Bluehost.

  • They have been facilitating their clients since 2005.
  • Get the hosting service with one click.
  • Available 24/7 for your support


Siteground is one of the best hosting providers for beginners. They have

  • Awesome customer support
  • Fast and secure servers
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Available for customer support via chat and call


Best place to buy a domain

Themes or designing of blogs

A lot of themes were already present in the pre-hosted platforms like Blogger and WordPress. You can choose one as per your choice, and most of them are free in cost. But if you want something unique, you have to spend some money on it.

Don’t ever try to use the wrong design in your blog as you will lose audience engagement if the look and feel of the blog are not good.

You can also contact theme suppliers so that they will give you a good theme for your blog.

Elegant themes

If you want to stay within budget and use a WordPress theme you have to ask from classic themes. They are not good if you want significant changes in the design that is the reason I never purchased a theme from them.

Their themes are little expensive if you are going out of the box. They have a large variety of themes and provide you according to your wish.

Studio Press

They are best in pricing as I have tried them. I know their designs are customized and affordable in prices.

They are very supportive in the selection of the theme design. Newcomers in blogging should try them for the theme of the blog.

Genesis Themes

This service is giving the newcomers with beautiful themes. Their themes fit on every screen that increases the visibility of the blog. Your blog design is now responsive one, and this is one of the upgraded technology.

If you want an enhanced theme for your blog, you can use this service. Newcomers are very comfortable with their services. You can quickly make customization in the theme.

Restored 316 Design

Feminine WordPress Themes for the Female Entrepreneur. They have a variety of themes related to Feminine themes

Graphics Designing tools

Graphic design is one of the vital parts of the blogging, and you have to do it on your own. You cannot afford a designer that is why these blogging resources are best. I will tell you about them today.

99 Design

This is an easy way to make interactive designs and logos for your blog. You can use the work of many graphic designers.

This is an easy way to add graphics to the blog, and it will give an enhanced look to your blog.


This is one of the professional things which is used to add presentation in your blog if you want. This can be one of the ideas which help you to make keynotes.

This service can make your blog more interactive for the audience.


If you want to create beautiful and attractive visuals you have to use this tool. This is one of the efficient services which will make you look good. You need to plug and play.

This service is for you so that your blog will look good.


If you want good visuals for your blog, you can use their service which is very handy. You can use it as per your need.

You don’t need a proper graphic designer if you are using their services.

Email Marketing Resources

This is the modern way to market your blog in the broader pace.


This is the service which helps you in getting a lot of email addresses. In this, a lot of other tools are available to ease the clients. I recommend this if you want proper marketing of your blog.


I am using MailChimp for my blog as well. They are the reliable one, and this service has some great features as well. This is one of the favorite tools in the market.


This is also one of the outstanding services which are solving the problem of email marketing. You can use it for your blog too if you are a newcomer.


This is the best way to make emails and RSS feeds. Most of the bloggers are using this tool in the blogs.

Convert Kit

One of the promising tool which you must experiment. They can make your blog famous for the readers.

Social Media Management Tools

Link with social media is one of the primary parts now. You can grab heavy traffic from social media.

A lot of tools are available for social media management. Social media marketing is also one of the best blogging resources.

Meet Edgar

I use this tool to make my social media marketing strategies. This tool helps you to make a creative thing which can easily attract the visitors.

It is one of the powerful tools which make the life more comfortable for bloggers.


This tool makes your blogging easy to spread on social media. You can have the calendar for blog posts and editorial if you are using this tool. I am also using this tool to ease my life.

Sprout social

This tool can help you to spread your blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Team Management and productivity tools

These tools will surely enhance the ability of time management. They are designed for every blogger, but especially for the newcomers.


The calendar app is available for new bloggers, which increase their ability to manage time.


This is to do list web application.


This is one of the broader tools through which I can brainstorm, make ideas, and plan things.


If you have team interaction, you can use this tool for communicating with your team members, share attachments, connect this tool with other project management tools etc.


Project management tool which is used on an international level. This can quickly enhance your abilities.


Best tool used to share posts on Pinterest and Instagram. You can get some good traffic using Tailwind App

Blogging resources tools

Google Analytics

This is one of the best metrics programs if you want to see the source of traffic.

How many users are visiting your blog daily?

From which sources they are coming?


This is a grammar checking tool which will enhance your blog quickly. Before publishing a post, do check that post with Grammarly, so that it’s error free related to spelling.


This tool is used for the broadcasting of a webinar on the Facebook. You can make Facebook Live videos through it.


If you are selling products on your blog, you can use this blogging resource. This will solve the problem of the shopping cart. It is one of the best and secure tools to use. This is simple and easy to set up.

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