You discovered a while ago that you are expecting a little bundle of joy. However, your budget is quite tight, you are wondering where does one get free baby stuff when pregnant? 

There are free baby stuff giveaways expectant moms can utilize to minimize their baby budgets; these free baby samples also help the expectant parents to make informed decisions about future purchases for their baby or multiple babies.

Whether you are a new mom trying to overcome the price tag shock for diapers, formula, and baby clothes. 


 Below are some baby companies that send free stuff, to expectant parents. 

Pediatrician, gynecologist & obstetrician offices have bags full of freebies of formula, creams, diapers, baby wash, free pacifier samples– you name it!  Ask for few samples, save yourself some money. 

Baby product companies usually give hospitals samples and freebies of their products as a form of advertisement.  Ask the nurses and midwives for hospital freebies after birth, like free breastfeeding stuff, Johnson & Johnson samples and many more.

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Target: Get a Free Welcome Kit from Target  when you create a new born baby registry at their stores.  The Welcome Kit is filled with over $100 worth of coupons and other essential items.  Get unique baby registry ideas 

Honest Co:  A relatively new baby company that was founded on the principal of safe and healthy products, they offer a line of baby products. Register at to receive a Free Discovery Kit filled with diapers, wipes.

They also have a diapers & wipes trial subscription at a small fee. You receive five Honest diapers and one pack of ten count wipes. Many moms say that Amazon’s baby store has the best baby registry. Amazon Prime members who spend $10 on any item listed in Amazon registry list, you can receive Amazon’s Baby Registry welcome box. 

The box is filled with goodies, having an estimated value of $35. Plus – It will be delivered to your doorstep! Sign up early, because things like these can take a while to ship.

Walmart:  Walmart gift registry offers three different boxes covering different stages – expecting, newborn, baby and toddler. 

The Walmart freebie box does require you to cover the $5 shipping and handling, but you’ll receive a box containing anything from pacifiers, wipes, diapers, and coupons.  Sign up today at

What websites give away free baby stuff?

Gerber: Participating hospitals will give out a free Gerber gift set, filled with samples and coupons! But it doesn’t stop there! 

Enfamil: The baby formula giant offers a plethora of baby freebies, starting during your pregnancy and throughout your child’s second year.  

Join Enfamil’s Family Beginnings program and soon the coupons, samples, and freebies will come rolling in!

Sign up for  Enfamil’s Family Beginnings Program here: Sign up to receive newsletters throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s early years. Becoming a member gives you the benefits of new born baby free samples, coupons, and magazines. They even offer tips on getting products at a discount or covered by your insurance.

When you join, you can pick from a variety of freebies, including a Gerber Backpack filled with $147 worth of coupons and samples.

Similac: This giant baby website has $ 400 worth of exclusive benefits in addition to new baby formula samples, expert nutrition advice & other Similac samples. Sign up with them to take part. 

Nature’s One:  They have new parent freebies when they register at Nature’s One.   Just for signing up, you can receive a full-sized 12.7 oz can of Nature’s One Formula or a package of wipes or other supplies. 

There is a $5.95 charge for shipping and handling, but it still will save you some money. Sign up to receive your sample here: offers monthly coupons that can be printed at home.  When you register on the site, you are automatically entered into their running sweepstakes for two free cases of formula or an Apple iPad.

Seventh Generation Baby:  Offering diapers that are free and clear of harmful materials, join Generation Good to earn new born baby samples, print coupons, and earn reward points that can be used to purchase items on the site at a discount. 

Items shipped do require a $5.95 payment for shipping and handling. Sign up for Generation Good here:

Pediasure:  When you sign-up for the PediasureSuppor2Grow program on their site, you’ll receive a $2 coupon.  Over time, you’ll receive coupons and other special offers through your email. Visit Pediasure at

 Pampers freebies:  If you regularly use Pampers for your little one, sign up for their rewards program.  For every purchase you make, you can accumulate points that can be used toward diapers, toys, and other products.   Plus, you’ll be entered into their contest to win a year’s supply of diapers!

Sign up on the websites of the respective samples,  reviewing their products, you might receive full size products from them.

Other companies offer freebies on everyday items for newborns and toddlers.  Visit these sites below to save yourself a little money. offers free stuff to new moms.  Each box includes samples of diapers, nasal drops, ointment, baby wipes, disinfectant, liners, and a breast feeding kit.  Limit of one box per mom-to-be, per year. 

American Baby Magazine:  New moms can receive a free 12-month subscription to American Baby Magazine.  Packed with articles, product review, and tips – this is definitely worth a read for any parent.   Sign up for your free subscription here:

Free Breast Pump:  Under the Affordable Care Act, you may be eligible to receive a free breast pump.  Visit the to see if you are qualify.

Program for low income women, infants & Children up to 5 years

WIC is program  which helps some women, Infants and children i need of help.

Pregnancy assistance (during pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the birth of an infant or the end of the pregnancy

Pregnant teenage girls

Postpartum up to six months after the birth of  the infant or the end of the pregnancy.

Breastfeeding up to the infant’s first birthday.

Infants up to the infant’s first birthday.

Children up to the child’s fifth birthday.

Check to see whether you qualify.

Free Baby on Board Button:  If you live in New York and regularly use public transportation, you can receive a free Baby on Board button Or let your fellow passengers know that you may need that extra seat when you are travelling. Get your free button here:


Gymboree:  While Gymboree is a clothing store, they do offer a kid’s activity program.  It comes at a fairly high monthly fee, but you can usually get a free first-time visit.   Visit the Gymboree program at:

Kindermusik:  Offering classes for children up to the age of 7, Kindermusik offers activity classes with a music theme.  Visit their site for a location near you and to sign up for a free class:


Luv’s: Sign up at Luv’s newsletter and you’ll receive coupons, plus special offers to try out new products.  

Goodnites:  Provider of products that help with potty training, sign up at the Goodnites site to receive coupons and other special offers here:

Huggies: Download the Huggies App or join online and receive free points when you take surveys, review articles, and purchase products.  Points can be traded in for coupons, gift cards, or diaper donations. Join the Huggies Reward Program at:

Motherhood Maternity: Make your first purchase in any of their stores, get yourself a free welcome bag with different samples.

Sprout:  Sign up for free baby food samples and coupons at  They provide  healthy, organic snacks and pouches for infants and toddlers, as well as the whole family.

Johnson & Johnson:  It’s not limited to just baby sample products, join the Healthy Essentials Program at Johnson & Johnson,  you might receive up to $30 in coupons each month.  Sign up at:


Baby Leggings:  Visit the Baby Leggings site and use code PENNY1 to get your free pair!  Leggings run $60, so you only pay $10 in shipping costs.

And – on the same site, you can order five bandana bibs. Use code 1FRUGALBABY to receive up to $50 off. Unfortunately, the discount codes cannot be combined, so this will require another payment toward shipping. Visit:

Baby Shoes:  Independent retailer Little Wanderers offers a free pair of baby shoes.  Normally retailing at $29.95, you can receive a pair for your baby for the cost of shipping.  Get your pair today at:

Onesis:  Get two free Onesis at Custom Snappies when you use PENNY1 at check-out.  You can even design these yourself! Shipping costs will apply. Create your baby’s onesis at:

Baby Box:  The European alternative to cribs and bassinets, you can get a free Baby Box when you register and take an online course on their site.  Rewards are age-based, so you may be eligible for a different reward or product discounts.

Visit The Baby Box to take their online course at:

Carseat Canopy:  You can receive a free carseat canopy at Canopy Couture.  Just use code PENNY1 at checkout. Shipping charges will apply.  Visit:

Nursing Pillow:  New mom free stuff,   a free nursing pillow using code PENNY1 at checkout.  You pay only the cost of shipping. Pillows typically sell for $39.95, so it’s a great deal!  Get your nursing pillow today at:

Free Hooded Towel: Receive a super-cute hooded towel for your infant or toddler at Hooded Towels.  Just enter code SIXDOLLARFAM1 at checkout and you pay only shipping. The towels retail around $34.95, so it’s a pretty nice savings.  Visit:

 At Custom Pacifiers, you can receive up to 3 pacifier samples for free when you use discount code 1FRUGALBABY.  The discount code covers $30 toward your purchase, so if you go over – you just pay the difference. Shipping costs will apply.

Order your custom pacifiers today at:

Finally, if you have a sports fan in your house, head over to the Little Fans site to receive a free Blanket Bear Security Blanket and 2-Pack Pacifier.  

When you enter code 1FRUGALBABY, you can receive up to $35 off. As always, shipping costs apply. Visit the Little Fans site at:

Disclaimer: Some codes may have been changed, removed and/or expired.

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