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The holidays are around the corner, for many families, coming up with holiday gift ideas can be stressful,  in addition to the huge toll holidays put on the household budget. Travelling to visit family, the sumptuous meals,  and not to mention the house decorations, and high electric bill that follows after.  

In this post, we have put together a small guide with holiday gift ideas for your family members, friends and workmates. 

This post contains affiliate links, when you make a purchase, i may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

The beard grooming kit 

A perfect holiday gift idea for your bearded friends and family members. The kit comes in a portable TSA approved high quality bag. 

Customer review: I have been using this kit for a little over a week now, and I’ve seen a change in my beard – thicker, even darker! The beard wash is part of my daily routine now – smells great, and gives my beard texture. Then it’s right to the beard balm, which has a natural, rich consistency and finishes my beard out for the day with a nice sheen. These are clearly people who know beards (I assume they have beards themselves!) and know what we really need………Alt Fan

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FDA approved Shiatsu neck massage pillow

Perfect for mom, dad, aunt, uncles, grandparents, friends, workmates and anyone close to you.

  It comes with an ac adapter, and elastic straps, can be used in your car, at your work desk or comfort of your chair at home. 

Customer review:This product is amazing. You can use it basically anywhere, from your neck to your feet. It is compact so easy to pack in a travel bag if need be. Applies just the right amount of pressure not to soft, but not to hard either. Only problem would be that it does need to be plugged in. So one will have to be near an outlet. Perfect inexpensive gift. HM09Mom

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Portable cable travel organizer. 

For cords  and chargers keeps your devices within reach. Ideal holiday idea for the travelers in your family.

Customer review: Small enough to keep in my backpack yet large enough to hold cables, chargers, etc. Mickey

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Wooden phone & wallet docking station

Perfect  holiday gift for dad or any man.  It saves a lot of time in the morning doubles as a travel gadget. 

Customer review: Great gift for my man !!! Qualitatively manufactured this product !!! Convenient to use in the office and at home! a very necessary thing for a modern man !!! I am pleased with this purchase! I recommend you to buy !!! Katsiaryna 

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Men’s novelty socks

Fun socks to keep him warm in winter months. They come packed individually or in discounted packages.  

Promising review: Gave to my father in law for Christmas. He is in a bowling league and the first time he wore them everyone wanted the link to order them. They were a great gift!

Jacqueline Winter

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Men’s grooming kit 

With manicure set in a portable case. Made with high quality steel.

Customer review: So glad that my husband doesn’t have to steel my nail clippers any more. He loves this kit! Has everything he could possibly need. Love the black tools. Super manly!

Lindsey Romero

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Car trunk organizer

Adjustable & durable,  It is collapsible and easy to install. 

Customer review: PERFECT! I love that it comes with bungee cords that can be used as handles to help me carry the organizer from my car to my home when necessary.. ……


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Watch storage case

Made from leather is the perfect gift for the holidays. 

Customer review:  Case is nice quality leather and fits my watch perfectly. Couldn’t ask for more.Chad Rice

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All in one worldwide travel adapter/charger

Lets your devices charge quickly.  No need to change fuse. A perfect holiday gift for the travelers.

Customer review: I love this adapter. I bought a bunch before my trip and home use. I like how it comes with 4 USB ports.Good travel size. Kevin QI 

It is still available on Amazon

Inflatable travel pillow

Ideal for use on planes, office napping, camping etc.  It’s unique design allow you to relax in a natural forward position. 

Customer review:  I used this travel pillow last week and it was awesome! I slept well on my way with it. It’s much more better than anything I have ever used.

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Travel Sewing kit

With over 100 supplies, from needles, color threads to scissor and other very useful accessories. Perfect gift for grand mom, mom, dad, sister, friend or anyone else. 

Customer review: This kit is great. It has a variety of colors and has helped me out in a pinch. I’ve repaired several items of clothing already and am happy with it!Irene Summer

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Compression socks for men & women

Prevent your legs from swelling as well as reducing the risk of developing blood clots. 

Very ideal gift for runners, for use while in the gym, long car and plane rides. 

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Customer review: Item is exactly as described. They are pressure socks so they are supposed to be quite tight. The purpose of the tightness is to improve blood return to the heart which prevents deep vein thrombosis and vericose veins. These are good for traveling for long periods of time in a car or plane, for athletes and for people who stand all day at work, like nurses. These fit exactly right, they are tight but not uncomfortable. As a nurse, it feels good on my legs and feet to wear these during a long shift Melissa Jolliffe

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Passport Travel wallet

Holds 4 passports, is made to last, built in the USA.

Customer review:  If you don’t want to get documents and cards all over your stuff, this is for you. I helped a lot in out recent trip and it holds 4 passports perfectly and cards, money, tickets, pen, etc. Alain

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Airplane foot rest

Proven to prevent swelling and soreness.  It makes a perfect holiday gift idea for the travelers in your family. 

Customer review: This was a real comfort for my trans-Atlantic flights. I’m short and my feet don’t reach the floor on airline seats which causes knee, hip, and back pain…..K.B. Selwood

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Travel purse organizer

Gives you quick access to your items. It fits perfectly in many purses. Your girlfriends will adore it.

Customer review: Great organizer for my LV Neverfull MM bag. The red matches my interior really well. Went with the size Large and it fits perfectly.MissMoTX

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Unique & Fun Holiday Gifts for Her Under $50

Scented candle gift set

Is said to relieve stress. It comes in four different fragrances, made from safe natural soy wax. 

This ideal holiday gift comes in a beautiful pack, perfect for mom, dad, mother in law, sisters, workmate or friend. 

Customer review: This is a perfect gift. The 4 candles smell really good. If you want to keep for other day just close it again. I love the lavender one.​  Guillermo Francis

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12 relaxing Handmade bath bombs

Are fit for mom, spouse, daughter, workmate, friend, or anyone who like to indulge in self-care. 

Customer review:  After receiving the first box as I gift I had to order more. I am a true bath person and have tried bath products across the globe…….Pamela

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Bathtub pillow for neck support.

Is waterproof & ergonomic,  the ideal holiday gift for those that love self-care. 

Positive review: Inexpensive which is a huge plus especially for the quality. Great support which includes full neck and back support….. Kelsey McKeon

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French press coffee maker

Made in stainless steel. Comes with cool handle. Dishwasher safe.  The coffee lovers in your family will adore it. 

Customer review: This is a great coffee press. Makes a great cup of coffee, can’t praise it enough. I liked mine so much I bought my daughter one too. It’s very durable and cleans easily; I’ve had mine for about a year and not a single stain even after leaving the grounds in for the day. Charles R McDonald

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Wall hanging Plant Terrarium 

4 lovely diamond wall hanging glass planters. Can also be used for wedding props. 

Customer review: Nice addition to my decor. Super strong. I dropped one on the floor while hanging. Didn’t break! loulou

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Pentagon Planter miniature holder

Pentagon shaped elegant The pentagon elegant glass plant holder is perfect any design space like office, kitchen or living room. It adds a modern touch to your decor.

Customer review: These are just so great! I love the shape and how it looks. I purchased for my office and love them so much that I just ordered more for my home. (All three are from same company). Many compliments. Dr. Roos

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Quality & elegant cheese board with cutlery.

This elegant cheese board comes with a wine tray, brie, glass and crackers. It is the perfect gift for your family and friends that host parties. 

Customer review: I love my cheese board! The wood is solid, easy to clean, and beautiful. The cheese markers and dip cups are excellent quality. The knives, spreaders and fork are great accessories and good quality. I also love the little drawer that they go into. The grips on the bottom are solid and the board does not slide at all. Love it! Amazon customer

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Best selling espresso spoons made in stainless steel.

Durable with ergonomic design. Used for coffee, tea,  dessert etc. Dishwasher safe. 

Customer review: Pictures don’t do these justice. I was very pleased with these when I got them. They’re solid and pretty little spoons. The perfect little touch for my kitchen. Jdartist

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8 piece measuring cups and spoons for cooking & baking.

Sets are held together with an easy to open gold ring and neatly nests for space saving storage.  This will be a great addition to your kitchen. 

Positive review: It is hard to find affordable gold cookware for the kitchen. these are great! just make sure to dry them or else you’ll get water spots. Amazon Customer  

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Best selling super soft micro fleece comfort blanket

This plush blanket is an ideal gift for your loved ones fighting some serious illness. It has warm and healing messages. 

Customer review:  I got this as a gift for my dad who is going through chemo treatments and is always cold. Not only does he love the design and softness but he also says it’s far warmer than the fleece blanket he had been using. He says this healing blanket is his shield against “bad vibes”.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens Under $50

No. 1 best seller Boys & Girls light weight sneakers 

Breathable, slip on and lace up sneakers suitable for walking, jogging and back to school shoes. 

Customer review: School has started, my kid wear this pair of new shoes to school for the first day.walking,running,jumping on the way to school.with the breathable top no more wet foot.and he like it very much. Kevin

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Professional Bluetooth Microphone, voice mixer with smartphone holder. 

This microphone is great for kids parties, is enabled with any blue tooth enabled device from IOS or android. 

Customer review: My son was excited to get this mic. It has become his favorite toy. He uses it with his phone to do karaoke and enjoys singing with his friends. Jeany C

Save money buy it from Amazon

Noise cancelling Gaming Headset for XBOX, PSP4, laptops, smartphones etc

These headphones provide the perfect gaming experience for your teen, noise cancelling feature transmits high quality audio with high quality over ear pads. 

Positive review: My nephew loves it for fortnite! He gets so lost in them that we have to tap him to get his attention tho lol. Lights only work with pc or usb gaming tho. Steph

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Moon light night lamp for kids with touch control system.

Cool white lunar lamp, with touch controls to change color between white and soft white.  Wonderful holiday gift to brighten up your teenager’s room.

Customer review: I originally purchased this as a gift and ended up purchasing several!!! They are very cool! Amazon customer

Get it from Amazon while stock lasts

Double sided magnetic Dart Board for kids indoor and outdoors.

Improves hand & eye coordination. Your teen can play alone or with family members. It can be easily rolled up and stored away. 

Positive review: I got this for my kids and they love it! We keep it in the play room so it is accessible at all times. They have been playing with it everyday so far since It arrived. Great Buy!! MP

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Perfect puzzle money holder, a fun way for your teen to store money.

The puzzle money holder develops motor skills, concentration, and deeper concentration of logic. 

Customer review: Great gift for my teenage daughter. She couldn’t get her birthday money until she solved the maze. Just make sure you get the ball in a hard spot before gifting, otherwise it’s super easy to figure out. It gets 4 stars though because it mentions being able to hold gift cards but the box and the opening is entirely too small to fit a gift card which ruined our original plan for a visa gift card. ambsraine

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Lighted vanity makeup mirror with 180 degree rotation.

This adorable mirror is  suitable for home use, or while your teen is traveling. 

Customer review: I really love it, the light is really bright, and the mirror is not heavy at all. The bottom part can also put some lipstick or small makeup stuff on it. Michelle

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Best Lounger seat cover perfect for sleepovers.

High quality seat cover fits five pillows. Perfect holiday gift for teenage girls who host slumber parties or watching TV cushion.

Customer review:  This is my family’s newest favorite lounger. This pillow fold out lounger is super comfy and super sturdy. The kids jump all over this thing, no rips no tears, no problems. Excellent quality. I bought the jumbo pillows to insert, and they fit like a glove. I will be purchasing more of these gems. Jenny Davis’

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Double sided Lighted makeup mirror 

Positive review: I liked the weight of the mirror. It won’t fall over. It is very sturdy. The light around the mirror is bright enough to see during the daylight hours. The finish of the stand is smooth without any blemishes. It is a quality constructed mirror. I like it because I have the option of using batteries or the plug in. William of Florida

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Table top curling game, for both teens and adults. It is portable, takes up no space at all. The kids will play this for hours.

Customer review: This is a very nice compact little game, suitable to take along on trips to visit family or friends. I was impressed with how quick and easy the set-up is and how quickly even the five year olds in our group figured out how to play it. I agree with the statement I read that adults and kids can play against each other and come out even. William N McDonald

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80 piece deluxe art supplies set in a portable case. Perfect holiday gift for beginners.

Positive review:  I bought this for my nephew along with a sketch book. The produced arrived undamaged and appears to be well made. The color of the wood and/or laminate doesn’t look cheap. I’m really happy with the product so far. It was packaged tightly so I don’t think anything inside shifted. I look forward to gifting it to him for Christmas! Carlos Benavides

Get this popular set

Popular cute light weight back pack for teen girls. Perfect for travelling, school or camping.

Customer review: Over all super happy. Purchased this for my 11 year old girl and it is plenty big. My 15 yr old loves it also. It actually holds more than it looks like is would hold.  Louisianagirl01

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Best selling Unicorn music box with 3 free jewelry gifts for girls.

Customer review: I gave this to my granddaughter for her 7th birthday. It was perfect. It came with the necklace and bracelet. So it was like a gift in a gift and who doesn’t love Unicorns!!  Jennifer

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Best selling Princess style jewelry box. Perfect for teenage girls interested in jewelry.

Positive review: Spotless exterior using very durable materials. Looks very well made. Gave it to my niece, she loved it! It’s very pretty.  AG

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Recommended Personal Finance books for teens.

Below are some personal person finance books recommended for teens to get them started on a healthy financial journey. 

Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money

This book was written by  two respected finance gurus Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. 

The book teaches finance basics like working, budgeting and saving and giving.  

Customer review: If teaching your children about money is something you feel you’re not good at, this book will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know! Definitely worth every penny! Dave Ramsey is a genius and his daughter is amazing! The second I finished this book, I felt at peace knowing that I now have all the tools I need to teach my children about money. Saving, Spending, Giving, Investing…..its all in this book. BUY IT!! SHAY

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New Mom Gifts – Marble Ceramic Cup

This gift is in stylish packaging with Silk-Finished Interior. This item is ready for giving to new moms and expectant parents. No need to repackage.

Customer review: These cups with very special design, and it is a great gift to celebrate the historical moment as DAD and MOM.
We are so proud every moment with this cup since we are parents now. John Thomas

Save money buy it from Amazon

Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood

The best selling book written by two best friends Cat and Nat telling the never-before-told stories about the stress, guilt, joy, and laundry tales of being a mom.  

Customer review: OOOHH I am in LOVE with this book! Cat and Nat have done an amazing job putting the #MOMTRUTH out there. I wish this book was around when I had my first child, would of saved me a lot of depression, anxiety, and questions! They do an excellent job putting the brutal honesty yet hilarity out into the world of what it means to be a woman and a mom. Nat’s story is so similar to my own that it I thought she had been in my head and telling my story. Every woman should read this regardless if your a mom or not. Hell even men should read this if they want an inside look into what is like being a woman and a mom!!!! Sweetpea

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Best selling gift set has everything that mom or grand mom would love.

This gift box set comes with one Coffee Mug with “Best Mom Ever” Text ,One Jewelry Dish, Bath Bombs Set of 6 One Pretty Scarf and a set of 3 Warm Socks. 

Customer review: We bought this for a friend for Mothers Day and she loved it. Beautifully packaged and everything was so neatly wrapped! Dylan Demain

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Elegant and Comfortable Fringed Throw Blanket Wrap

A snugly warm and comfortable blanket,  an ultimate  gift for mom, aunt, grandma, neighbor or friend.  It is perfect for the fall and winter chills. 

Customer review: This blanket cape is so soft! It keeps you cozy but is also lightweight and very comfortable to use around the house. I use these when I’m chilly on cool mornings or when the A/C is a bit too low for me. I highly recommend this product. Leo

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Holidays at the end of the year can be expensive if you let them. You will save money if you shop around online. 

Under priced holiday gift


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