The holiday season is here, the holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful to find inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for the whole family, friends and teachers.  

Like they say, it is the thought that counts. We will explore various ideas in this article for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas  for your whole family and friends.

Some of the gifts in one category can easily be used for other people also.  A gift that is fitting for a teacher, may also be a good gift for a friend or acquaintance. 

This post contains affiliate links; i may make a small commission at no extra cost you, make a purchase. 

Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas

Budget friendly Gift Ideas For Family & Friends


When it comes to buying for parents, the thought is really what counts, many parents are happy to get a gift from their kids. 

 Here are some gorgeous inexpensive holiday season gift ideas for parents under $ 45

Silicon BPA free collapsible Salbree microwave popcorn maker, is an inexpensive Christmas gift idea.

Promising review: This thing is terrific! I used 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels, set for 3-1/2 min @1000 watts. 

There were ONLY TWO unpopped kernels when I finished eating the popcorn. I have never seen such efficiency in any product in the last 40 years. 

If I didn’t see it myself I would not believe it.
Subsequent testing: 1/4 cup of kernels, set for 2-1/2 to 3 min @ 1000 watts. Yields: 

Better popped corn, but with approx. 1/2 teaspoon of unpopped kernels. Most satisfactory. Still much better than most methods.

Gourmet Olive Oil set comes in four different flavors. 

Promising review: This product is amazingly delicious. Every flavor is an explosion on my palate. Better than every other olive oil I have tried . Great for entertaining also. – April .P

Custom House Portrait Art

How about getting your parents a custom portrait of their house in a line drawing style!  Upload a picture, and Minted will draw it.

Sega Genesis Classic Console

This gift is for the middle-aged Dads that grew up with the Sega Genesis console in the 90’s.  

Customer review: Lots of games for everyone.
price is right. Amazon customer

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Super Soft Fuzzy Light Weight Luxurious Cozy Warm

Customer review: I bought this for my brother agonist recovering from heart surgery…he absolutely loved it! I then purchased one for my antique 3/4 bed (bigger than a twin but smaller than a full).

It is, hands down, the best blanket for napping, watching TV and cold nights. Luxurious and the healing words make it feel even better. Plus it’s washable. I was so thrilled with this blanket, that ordered others for my family for Christmas. It’s a keeper! – NFV

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Amazing Woman Mug with coaster 

Promising review: I got this for my wonderful wife of 37 years.  She loved it so much she put it on her memorabilia shelf. 

She thanked my by taking me out to dinner. This is a great gift cup. If you have an amazing women buy this for her. John . J. Geire

Save money get it from Amazon

What i love about mom. You will enjoy filling this book out.  

Customer review: Great quality! Mom LOOOOVED it!
I used this with those sharpie pens so it wouldn’t smudge. Not sure how regular pen ink would fare.

This book, once filled, melted my moms heart.
If you want to make your mom really happy and feel loved, get her one of these!!! – Anon

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This Cheese board is made of 100% natural bamboo; high quality, inexpensive, spacious and multi -purpose design.   

Customer review: I used my cheese board during last week’s Friendsgiving and it was a HUGE hit!  Everyone was complimenting it!

 The free e-book was really helpful and inspiring too! Thank you for such an AMAZING product! – Amazon customer

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The  Go away humorous and adorable coffee mug  is a great inexpensive Christmas gift idea for the mom who likes coffee or tea. 

Promising review: Really nice and good quality glass mug. My family & friends Liked the humor writing on the mug. Good quality & funny!! What would u want more from a mug? ? abdulaziz albabtain

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This set of essential oils comes in 6 different aromas.  

Promising review:  I am so pleased with this product. I opened them all when I received them and love the smells. I put the dreamy sleep in my diffuser and it was great. Will definitely be buying more of this product. Great quality for a great price. – Cobb

 12 huge bath bomb gift set will relax your mom, aunt, sister, girlfriend. 

Customer review:  ordered these to give as small gifts for friends & teachers (and myself ?). They are HUGE bath bombs & they smell sooo good! I loved that they were each shrink wrapped separately with a sticker stating the scent on each one, which made them even more perfect for gift giving. 

And, I feel that the scent will definitely last until they’re ready to be used, since they are all sealed individually. Thanks for a great product! – Amazon customer

Christmas gifts for younger girls

JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set

This best seller 11 piece cooking is cute, girly and perfect for girls 3 years and above. 

This inexpensive Christmas gift idea comes with baking utensils that younger bakers can actually use. 

Promising review: I bought this for my Grand Niece’s third birthday. She’s quite the baker already, and this is something I know she’ll really like. 

It looks like it’s very high quality, and I think the hat and apron will be the biggest hits and will give her much enjoyment–and hopefully me some chocolate chip cookies . . . 🙂 – Baileysmom

This Sarah & Victoria happy owl mini purse is cute, handmade and different from the other bags out there. 

 It comes in a girly color. Any little girl will love it. 

Customer review: This is a very special little purse, different than the usual mass market stuff. I gave it to my granddaughter for her fourth birthday because it is so cute, the right size, and I thought the handmade nature showed extra care. 

I appreciate that the company making it is very small and cares about making a nice product that pleases those who buy it. – Barbara

This Frozen lipgloss  smells sweet, is very glossy and comes in a pack of 6.

Perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.  It is available here.

Customer review: My daughter is lip gloss obsessed but i always get nervous with her using my products. I got her these frozen lipglosses and i feel at ease letting her play with them considering they are non-toxic. 

She is in heaven and plays with them all day long. Not messy and super cute! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! – MARSHA .A. LARSEN

This Premium bracelet making kit keeps the girls doing fun activities and improves their concentration power. 

Promising review: Hit of the party! This little eight year old loved it, her ten year old brother couldn’t wait to help her get started with the bracelets. 

This item came on the day it was suppose to. I would recommend it for any little girl near that age. –Dolores

This Shany Glamour amazing make up kit is perfect for the pre-teen who is experimenting with makeup. 

Positive review: I bought it for my daughter to play with and I am considering getting a set for me and discarding my older make up. She has been playing with it for a couple of months now and there is still plenty of color left. – Jineen

On Ear Headset headphones  are light weight and padded soft cushions. 

Promising review: My son’s class required headphones this year for computer lab. He hates wearing anything on his head or ears. These are pretty light but sturdy and comfortable on the ears. 

They stay put and block outside noise. I tried them and I think I’m going to buy some for myself. I’m very impressed with the price and quality. – R. Weikert

Brianna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll with Hair and Outfit

Lovely soft bodied baby doll

Promising review: Sweet little doll. Grand daughter ( 3 ), loved that the eyes open and close and that she has pig tails. <Grins>…

When her grandpa tried to save the box she arrived in, Jane quickly tucked her doll safely under her arm and let us all know that her doll doesn’t want to go in the box again. – Sheila

Christmas gift ideas for dad.

Brilliant & Thoughtful gifts for Dads


Personalized laser engraved pocket knife.

Customer review:  I ordered this on the 7th it came in on 11th with prime.  This item is the best item I’ve bought on Amazon. It is absolutely amazing. Great quality. N perfect for a Christmas gift. – Amazon customer

Wood Rotating Remote Desktop Office Organizer

6- compartment deluxe wood caddy  with dark brown finish. 

Promising review: This works great for me. Holds my four controllers in the middle, my Kindle in the left side and pens and stuff in the right side.

 The quality of the item is very good. It was very well packaged for shipping which is a rarity for my orders lately. – D- Beaupre


This printed coffee mug with saying Great Job Dad I Turned Out Awesome is an excellent gift for your dad.

Customer review:  This was an EXCELLENT Christmas gift. Got the whole family laughing and in good cheer. Love the quality and clarity in the glass of the mug. 

Beautiful design and my Dad loved it. Packaged in a great box with red tissue paper, truly a fun Christmas. – Kim Cross

This cutting board  Comes in large size providing extra space for heavy duty vegetable chopping, slicing fruits, and cutting meats.

Promising review:  Got it for my husband and he loved it! It is very well made, big and great quality. Got several complements on how cool it looks! – Mrs. C

This Multi-Function Power drill adapter  is the perfect gift for the handy-dad, father-in-law or brother. 

Customer review: I bought this for my husband who happens to be the VP of Operations for a local hardware store and SCORE! I’m always looking for little things that he may or may not have/need and he’d never seen one of these! Thought it was a great idea and this man has every tool known to man. –Amy Rivas

Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas for her.


Holiday Nut & Dried fruit gift basket.

Customer review: Got this as a Christmas gift for my father in law. He liked it a lot.  There are a lot of choices and he said everything was great. Came in a smaller good quality box. Good price for all of the different snacks inside. Adorkable mama

Spa Gift Basket for Mom

Beautifully packaged bath basket in a vintage gold tub, makes for an extraordinary gift.

Customer review:  I purchased the gift basket for my Aunt’s birthday. She said it was beautiful and the scent was divine! She felt it was a special surprise! With that said, I DEFINITELY recommend purchasing this product as a gift! – Karen KRaus.

Cafe Don Pablo Coffee Gift Box

This gift box has variety of 3 Whole Bean Coffee – 3 / 12oz bags. 

Promising review: I got this as a gift to my husband since he’s been drinking the same coffee now for 2 years.  The coffee varieties are distinct and flavorful. My husband’s fav is the medium dark roast. –Jess

Luxury Spa Bath & Body Gift Set

Pure Luxury spa gift basket

Promising review: I bought this as a gift for someone and was very tempted to keep it for myself.! 

Beautiful product that is very professionally presented. Can’t wait to see the reaction this gift gets!! – Jean K


Another inexpensive Christmas gift idea for her is home spa lavender scented Bath gift set.

Promising review: Really nice smell and smooth creams. The lotions are nice and make u feel really good. It came packaged very well! – Cool

YZKKE Vintage warm Womens Thick winter wool socks perfect for winter season. 

Consumer review: Very warm cozy socks. Great for the price 🙂 not at all itchy and keeps the feet warm in chilly weather! – Amazon customer

Azure Beauty Gel Nail polish set Nude Series 6 colors Nail Art Gift Box.

Customer review: Girls Seriously this is my favorite brand for gel polishes!!! They always seem to last longer than other brands I’ve purchased. 

And their colors are always what you see in the pictures. 2-3 thin layers of polish is my trick. – CraftyAndy

Oh! Nuts Holiday Gift Basket

Large roasted nuts  assortment tray.

Promising review: This is a great gift for anyone who loves nuts. There is something for everyone in this variety pack. There are both sweet and salty flavors inside……Anna Laura Craft

Holiday Bath Spa Gift Basket Refreshing fragrance enriched with Argan oil. 

Promising review: Purchased for a gift. Recipient enjoyed it very much. No problems! – Liz P

Christmas Gift Ideas for Younger Boys

Pindaloo Skill Toy  develops eye coordination and motor skill.

Customer review:  Perfect toy for kids who have it all and never use any of it- my 9yo twins loved this!! A challenge and fun! – Goldie Locks 5

Elite Hookey Ring Toss  Game – Safer Than Darts, Just Hang it on a Wall and Start Playing.

Promising review: ……….the rings are soft enough (a stiff yet flexible rubber, if that makes sense) that there’s no concern about damaging anything. I’m glad that I bought it. Gets those teenagers away from their smartphones for at least a little while. lol – CharleneC

The Book of Potentially Catastrophic science.

Promising review: Purchased this as part of a gift for my nephews and they love it! Highly recommend this book. Made a great gift! – A. Edwards

Inspiration for Teens now and be on your way to your own success.

Promising review: ……..this book provided a thorough review of many examples of leadership utilized during the Battle of Gettysburg, and brought lessons down to earth for teens and people of all ages to engage in their own lives. – Francis Beacham

Personal Finance: Learn How Budgeting, Investing, Self Discipline and Passive Income Can Help You Save Money

Customer review: Excellent info. Easy to understand. A must have for young adults and those who want to start managing there finances and don’t know where to start. Easy to read and understand. I love the charts. Gave it to my financially illiterate sister!

Stocking Stuffers under $15

5 pairs women socks

Customer review:  These socks are so stinkin’ cute. And very comfortable. I was worried they wouldn’t fit well because I have big calves but it wasn’t a problem. Would def. recommend these socks! – Amazon customer

6 vegan Bath Bomb gift set

Promising review:  These bath bombs smell so good, and they make my skin so soft that I don’t need to put on lotion after the bath. I have a pretty good sized tub and even with so much water, they are so concentrated that they still work great. – A. Falkosfke

E. Tronic Waist Packs


Customer review: Great alternative to the traditional bulky fanny pack. More discreet and slim and probably would not be seen under a loose T-shirt. Its nice and stretchy with a big snap buckle. Just what I needed for events where I can’t fit my stuff in my stuff in my pockets like Keys and Phone, but don’t want to carry around a purse. – BamBam

Funny Socks (Wine, Coffee, Chocolate) –


Promising review: Gave this to a friend as a housewarming gift and she loved it! – Rachel

Magnetic Wristband, Kusonkey 15 Magnets Holding Screws Nails Drill Bits

Promising review: I purchased this as a gift for my husband and he loved it so much that we ordered a second one. The magnets are strong and make it easy for him to hold extra screws and small pieces while climbing ladders, working in tight spots, etc. Great product! – Rita Brouillette

Unicorn Light Battery Operated LED Night Light

Customer review: The unicorn night light has a very positive atmosphere! – Lisa

Guardman 2pcs 11 in 1 Multi Tool Credit Card Survival Tool

Promising review: Neat little tool to have! Bought one for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day, and got a second one for myself, since it was only $2 more. I have seen them for less, yet these ones in particular had the best reviews. Fits “snugly” in the wallet and feels like it is very sturdy! – Kayla

Girls Makeup Palette with Mirror – Super chic

Customer reviews: Bought it for my granddaughter, she loves it. Has it with her all the time. Will be ordering several more for gifts. Thank you for a fun product. –  Ellen Weckenbrock

Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Customer review: Tweexy is great. Just received it and used it and it work just as described. It held my nail polish in place and was easy for me to polish my nails. I highly recommend this item. What a wonderful invention. Genius! – Y. Hernandez

No crease hair ties

Promising review: Very easy to use. I’m a dad and like these better than regular hair ties when I fix my daughter’s hair. Plus they do like wearing them as bracelets. – Johnny

We hope you find a gift for your loved one from the above guide. Take advantage of sales during this time, alternatively make your own gifts at home. 

Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas your whole will love.


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