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Celebrate Valentines day with your significant other without breaking the bank. Relationship experts say that couples who take time off to appreciate and celebrate each other, stay together.

Treat your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend and husband to these inexpensive gifts this Valentine’s day. After all it is the thought that counts.

Amazing Inexpensive gift ideas for couples

Affordable romantic gifts for valentines day

Handcrafted Pure Solid copper mugs  are low gift items that come with high quality cocktail copper straws and coasters.

Customer review: I bought this beautiful set of copper mugs to make Russian Mule’s. Nicely crafted, easy clean and truly the coldest beverages I ever had made in these copper mugs……..Ronnie.

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These conversational cards for couples are cute and full of surprises, thought provoking and great starters for great relationships. After all couples who make time for each stay together.

Customer review: The deck of cards has some really interesting questions to go over with your partner. Just when you think you might know everything there is to know about one another, you realize that you can always learn something new…..  Amazon customer

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Inexpensive romantic gift ideas for couples.

This journal is reasonably priced, romantic gift idea with questions for couples each day over a 3 year period.  There are a variety of questions covering different topics.

Promising customer review: With two small children, my husband and I find that spending quality time together can be a challenge right now. This book gives us a small moment to reconnect. There’s a wide variety of questions and plenty of room for both our answers! Leah Porretta

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Luxury bath & body home spa set  is a best simple girlfriend/wife surprise gift. It is almond and honey scented, infused with buttery scents perfect for a snowy day/evening.

Customer review: A gift for my girlfriend, and she loved it.Abnada

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Gourmet coffee sampler is a unique gift for the coffee lovers.  Choose from an assortment of coffees.

Promising customer review: This was a gift for my boyfriend who is a coffee snob. I did not get to try these myself but he really enjoyed every single one. He said each one had a great flavor and seemed to give him more energy than his regular dark roast. He was pleased with the freshness as well. I’m sure he’ll be asking for more!Icsav104

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Unique gifts for Nature lovers.

Picnic Back Pack  is an affordable romantic gift for fun, outdoor loving couples. Comes with cooler compartment, wine bag, cutlery for up to 4 people and a picnic blanket.

Promising customer reviewPerfect gift for lovers! Haywards Hunny.

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Waterproof dry bag  a budget friendly gift for the outdoor enthusiast guy or girl. It is suitable for fishing, hiking, kayaking and camping.  Comes with a waterproof phone case.

Customer review:We used this dry bag on a trip to French Polynesia. Brought it everywhere-on a boat (standing on outside observation deck in tropical rain), a jet ski tour, a shark excursion, and lunch IN the water. Our stuff stayed totally dry. It’s a good looking bag, people asked where we got it. 10LB green bag, perfect size. Used waterproof phone case too, did not submerge it, no issues. Highly recommend.Jamie

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Bamboo Wine Table – a unique romantic gift for the outdoorsy couple. It is sturdy, comes with cutlery cheese set.

Customer review: The wood is very sturdy as the whole construction. It comes with full accessories and it is light and portable. I couldn’t be happier with it! German .P

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Portable Flame torch  Speaker    –  a thoughtful gift for people who like to sit outside. It has Bluetooth, is compatible with Iphone/Ipad/Android.

Promising customer review: This speaker is GORGEOUS! The artificial flame looks so REAL! The sound is AMAZING! It charges FAST! It connects to your device QUICKLY! What more can I say? I know…BUY THIS!!! I certainly plan to purchase another one!Shirl

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Best simple gift ideas for Her

Gratitude Journal to document to record thoughts of gratitude only a few minutes a day. A perfect romantic gift for your girlfriend or wife.

Customer review: No questions asked buy this journal! It is beautiful and it is the absolute best way to end your day. This journal has prompts to help you think of what you are grateful for so even if you’ve had a long day or there’s nothing you’re particularly grateful for, you can and will end your day with a sense of gratefulness. MUST buy!………  Amazon customer

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Leather bound journal is a perfect  romantic inexpensive gift to surprise your significant other. It is great quality, with good look and feel, comes in four different sizes.

Happy customer review: This is seriously THE most beautiful notebook I have ever seen in my life. The leather is undoubtedly real and is so soft to the touch. It has a subtle earthy, leather scent that sets the mood for your journaling or writing time! The wrap around closure string on this notebook gives off really retro vibes. Just looking at the notebook makes me want to write! The pictures don’t do it enough justice. AdoraMeow

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A-Z Initial necklace is a low cost gift idea with sentimental value for her. It comes in gold and silver colors.

Customer review:I wear this everyday!!! Swimming, showering, etc. I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. I bought my boyfriends initial and he thought it was the cutest thing ever. His mom thought it was cute too. I’ve worn it everyday from Jun-Nov now and it hasn’t changed or tarnished at all. Jordan B

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Cashmere Scarf Shawls for Women and Men is an affordable, luxurious gift for him or her. It comes in over 20 colors.

Satisfied customer review:  Soft and beautiful. Great size too. Well received gift. Would recommend. Ordered it in 3 colors and all were true to image colors onscreen. Cora

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Best Wife Ever Stemless wine glass is a personalized memorable Valentines gift. It is dishwasher safe.

Customer review: “My husband surprised with this glass as a gift. I love it! Well made and perfect for a glass of wine!” jp

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Home Bath Spa Gift is an expensive gift for her. It contains Bath Bomb, Soy Candle, Facial Sponge. Natural Shea & Cocoa Butter.

Customer review: I purchased these for my girlfriend’s birthday and she absolutely loved them. She said the bath bombs and candles smelled really good and was really happy with it. Michael Nguyen.

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Gift Jar of romantic love notes is inexpensive, unique & thoughtful gift for the girl is in your life.  The romantic notes maybe be opened any time a your significant other needs a little pick me up.

Promising customer review: Living 2000 miles away from your significant other can be difficult. My girlfriend loved these notes for when she is having a rough day and I’m not there. Bonus points: sent to her work and her female coworkers were jealous. Brian Coburn

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A cute and hilarious Mug  for your coffee lover girlfriend/wife. It is made of high quality ceramic, is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Customer review: Shipped well protected and wife loved it…and she doesn’t even drink coffee. Amazon customer.

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Sentimental gift ideas for Him

Engraved Pocket watch is reasonably priced, simple, unique and a keepsake gift for your boyfriend or husband.

Customer review: Great pocket watch. My boyfriend loved it. Tasha Loftin

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Beard Comb Kit is a perfect creative gift for your boyfriend, partner or husband. It benefits NON PROFIT military vets. It is 100% handcrafted in sandalwood.

Happy customer feedback:  First of all, I love the name!!! This is sooo perfect for my husband’s Valentine’s Day Gift. He is quite vain about his beard 🙂 The packaging is lovely and the branding is perfect. …….. Amazon customer

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Money Clip Houston wallet  is  minimalist, something romantic for him, comes in 5 different colors and a gift box.

Customer review: This is a perfect wallet for me. i like front pocket, slim, able to hold more than a hundred in 20s and a handful of cards. Perfect. nice leather, nice layout and not hard or too soft. So it feels comfortable in my front pocket and slides in and out with ease. Very happy with product and especially price. Will update if anything changes.CAD Junky

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Red Wooden Phone Docking station –  keyholder, wallet, small change and watch organizer. Affordable & romantic  for your boyfriend/husband.

Promising customer review:  My husband loved this wooden docking station. He had no issues putting it together and it is very spacious. Marissa Davila.

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Affordable gifts ideas for computer lovers

This Coffee mug  is perfect for the gamer boyfriend or husband. It is made from finest ceramic, it is microwave and dishwasher safe, comes in a gift box.

Customer review: Awesome cup! My boyfriend loved itRosie

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Portable Iphone Charger Jackery is a practical romantic gift for the nerd in your life. It is Apple MFI certified with lightening cable twice as fast as original charger.

Customer review:  Neat concept for cords that tuck away. Works great. MJW

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Genuine Italian Leather Cord Taco is a cord management system for almost anyone who uses earphones. No more tangles or broken cords. It comes in 13 different colors.

Promising customer review:  Kept one and gave two as a gift. I don’t have to untangle my earbuds anymore! I didn’t notice how useful it was until I left mine at work for the weekend and had to deal with tangles. Not leaving it behind again! Leah Tabbert.

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3 pc Pink Sea Urchin These plants filter and cleanse the air, thrive anywhere, need no soil, only water once a week.

Customer review: These plants are beautiful. All three plants arrived healthy and look absolutely darling in the shells. They are a gift for my boyfriend’s mother but I am tempted to keep one for myself i love them so much.Sydney

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Rectangle Oblong modern Premium cufflinks  – Are handcrafted in solid brass & rhodium plated. Ideal gift for the computer programmer.

Promising customer review:  These are the perfect gift for your “Geek” man! You know – that awesome computer guru that has everything. They are a great weight (not cheap) and the quality is excellent. The engraving is very crisp. They also come in a very nice gift box………..Tigger82

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Travel cable organizer  for portable electronic accessories, hard drives, charging cords and USB cables. It comes in four different colors.

Customer review: Small enough to keep in my backpack yet large enough to hold cables, chargers, etc .Mickey

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Affordable Digital Binary wrist watch with LED lights for  the computer geek in your life. It displays time in computer language.

Customer review: My husband calls it ” A watch of my people”. Simple elegant design. Nothing but lights which is exactly what my husband wanted. No need to get a binary watch that says hours here, minutes here…….Jodi

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Magic cube tissue box is funny, inexpensive gift for the science lovers. It is inspired by The Big Bang Theory.

Customer review: Bought this as a gift for my wife. She loves the big bang theory and they have something like this on the show. its a great visual piece. she loves it and it came in great condition! Would recommend to others. Brian Hatem

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Budget friendly Camera lens coffee mug for non spill lid for the women and men who are into photography.

Promising customer review: Awesome Mug! Keeps my drink hot and it’s a fun conversation starter. It has a seal tight lid with an open and close mechanism as well! I use the Spoon for my oatmeal on the go. Would highly recommend!Andrew .P 

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Mechanical LED Backlit gaming keyboard. Perfect low cost gift for the gamers out there. It Is water resistant, comes with 6 preset lighting effects.

Promising customer review:I’ve been looking for a mechanical keyboard with cherry blue switches for work and purchased this keyboard on a whim after seeing the price so much lower than other keyboards. This keyboard has no right to feel this good for this price. It’s durable, clean, feels sturdy, and the keycaps are easy to remove for cleaning or customizing………Amazon customer

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Monogrammed Tumbler is an affordable, good romantic gift for him or her. They come personally engraved and in different colors.

Customer Review:  Beautiful. Amazon Customer

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Cute his and hers Pillow cases are fun, romantic affordable couples gift. Spice up your life by adding a little pillow talk. 🙂

Customer review: She love it. It does not have to be something big and fancy to show your girlfriend how much you love her.
1. It’s soft and fit to any size
2. It’s cute
3. Premium material. Thanh

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Positive thoughts, Get well soon throw blanket. Is a luxurious, thoughtful gift for men & women going through cancer treatment. Comes with inspirational messages, is made in different sizes and colors.

Promising customer review: I bought this for my sister who is newly diagnosed and going through chemo. She said it was the best blanket ever. So soft and keeps her warm during treatment and at home. The words help her to know she is loved and boosts her spirit. Highly recommended. Roxy

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This Bathtub Tray  is a small useful  and budget friendly gift idea for couples. It is designed to fit a couples’ bath tub.

Promising customer review: This was a gift for my husband. I asked him how many stars he’d give it, and he said 50 – he’s pretty happy with it. Catherine Noyes

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