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Total Money Make Over – This book positively changed my views about money. I learned a lot about managing money, started budgeting, preparing for emergencies, etc. I treat money with the respect. A must read in my humble opinion.

This book teaches about talks about investing in your asset column rather than your liability column. This book made realize how most of us fall in the trap of spending every pay check, leaving nothing to invest. 

The Compound Effect was written by the editor of Success magazine.  It teaches you to pay attention to the small details in your life. It is the small changes that add up and make big impact on your finances, health, work and relationships. A must read.

This expenses tracker helps you track where every single of your money goes.  Experts say that the first step towards financial independence is tracking where your money goes. 

This is another good budget planner, expenses tracker and regular bill organizer. 

Family Monthly Budget
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