When my last maternity leave came to an end, i did not want to leave my 9 months old baby girl at home, and a 6 year old who had just started school, to go back to work. I looked for school hour jobs that were within my nursing field, the ones i found were not very well paying.

With two children to provide for, i went back to my old job, and dropped off our baby girl with a wonderful nanny.

I chatted to a friend of mine whose maternity leave is coming to an end, but she doesn’t want to go back to work, to leave her 6 months old at home.  She decided to take a six months of unpaid leave while she figures things out. We brainstormed about the different school hour jobs that she could do to support her family. That is how i came up with this post about school hour jobs for stay at home moms.

According to this article from CNBC, 53 % of people work from home at least half of the week. There is no doubt that this percentage includes mostly moms who are taking care of their children while working.

What jobs fit in during school hours?

Many moms love the idea of working from home, while taking care of their children. Below are a few jobs school hour jobs, you will also find jobs for stay at home moms with no degree as well.

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What jobs fit in during school hours?

Freelance Writer

Love writing, do you consider yourself a talented writer, then you can be a freelance writer.

Earn extra money by writing quality content. There are numerous magazines, websites, and blogs looking for qualified and skilled writers.

When it comes to choosing topics, there are limitless topics that you can write about. A great thing about this job is the flexibility, you can write whenever you have the time.

The best sites for freelance writers are Contena, Wizzley, and FreelanceWritingJobs.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is one of the jobs that work around schedule.

Tasks to perform depend on the company,  or individual hiring you.

These can include include proof reading, organizing records, scheduling appointments, social media management, graphic designing, editing, data entry, and email management.

Work as a virtual assistant during school hours

This website is dedicated to help you how to get started on making money from home.

For Virtual Assistant jobs  contact online companies, websites, and bloggers directly.

Some of the companies that can help you get a job as a Virtual Assistant include Red Butler, Fancy Hands, and Assistant Match.

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Teaching English for ViPKid

Vipkid is a company based in China that is currently hiring like because they are about to expand to other countries.

Working for VipKid is a job that fits around school hours.

You teach on their online platform where they provide all the curriculum, you basically just show up, make your own schedule.

You do not need to speak Chinese. You can choose to work as many hours as you want.  Pay varies, though it is usually $18-22 per hour.

Teach English at ViPKiD during school hours to make money

On top of that, they have a lot of monthly incentives that can bring up your hourly pay to around $31! You work from the comfort of your home, making it convenient for the stay at home moms.

Tutor me, Chegg Tutors & Tutors.com

Many moms are good at teaching kids new ideas and concepts.

With the help of technology, you can become an online tutor. It will be the right time to bring your education in use.

The higher your education is, the more chances you have of earning more.

Tutor school children during school hours

Students from elementary school to college need help with their school work and projects from elementary to college.

Post an ad on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Mall notice boards and Facebook parenting groups.

There are numerous websites to register as a tutor including TutorMe, Tutor.com, and Chegg Tutors.

Tutoring other children during school hours to earn money

Book Keeping

Are you neat, organized and good with numbers? Keeping books using good old excel spread sheets, quick books, fresh books?

You do not need to be a CPA or other accounting specialist. Sign up for an  online course on sites like accountingcoach.com to polish your accounting skills.

Tax guide for self employed 2019

Accountingdepartment.com hires Book keeping and Accounting specialists to work from home.  The only condition is you must live within the United States.  Sign up with them to get notified of available positions.


ClickNwork’s goal is to promote working from home, through creating careers that fit around family.

They hire various people with MBAs, CPAs and CFAs. They also hire phone interviewers, writers, trend spotters, mystery shoppers, data entry specialists and translators.


ClickAccounts hires accountants or book keepers to maintain and organize financial records, file taxes for their clients and assist companies in making crucial financial decisions.

Start working on your job during school hours.

Working art home during school hours as an accountant

Intuit Careers

Intuit careers offers a range of school hour jobs.  From accounting, payroll specialists, data entrants, jobs in administration, email marketing to mention a few.

$99 Social, Mashable & Appen.

Many moms spend a lot of time on social media, put your time to good use, earn money while at it during school hours.

Advertising and digital marketing on social media has become crucial.

Irrespective of the industry, social media marketing is essential for all the companies.

Social Media manager is a perfect job to do when your children are at school

Many businesses, bloggers and organizations hire  individuals to manage their social media accounts. This is the perfect job opportunity for stay at home moms.

Sign up on mashable, 99dollarsSocial  and Appen, to get notified of available jobs.  You can also advertise your services in Facebook Market Place, Craigslist or join different Facebook groups to pass the word around.

Jobs that fit within your schedule

Homemade Crafts

Nothing attracts people more than a good art. Do you have excellent arts and crafts skills? Start making crafts at your home during school hours.

We all have bought crafts from Etsy. Earn extra money by creating crafts that people are interested in purchasing.

Make money making homemade crafts during school hours.

Popular categories for homemade crafts are clothing, jewelry, craft supplies, home décor, toys, and supplies for kids. It is a great way to showcase your skill and talent.

Caterer or Baker

Bakers and chefs have gained popularity in the recent times. It is still considered the perfect profession for women, especially moms.

Do you have a knack for cooking? Are you passionate about baking?

Turn your hobby into a side hustle and earn extra money. You don’t have to leave your home, to start baking or catering. Make pastries for parties and other social gatherings.

Start with your family, neighbors and friends’ parties.

Make money baking cookies at home.

Become a Blogger

The trend of blogging is not going anywhere soon. It is a great source of information for all kinds of industries. Whether you are looking for cooking tips or top fashion trends, there are many blogs that can help you. With blogs gaining popularity, the number of blogs is increasing day by day.

Being a blogger is one of the best home jobs for stay-in moms. This is because there are no deadlines, working schedule is flexible, and freedom of choosing the topic. Most moms use their knowledge and experiences for their blogs.

Though blogging earns a steady income, it requires, hard work, dedication, and time. It is a great platform for expressing your views through writing, helping people with their challenges, and inspiring other moms to do the same.  Start a work at home mom blog today on either Blogger, WordPress and Medium.

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Web designing, Coding & IT Support etc

There are plenty of options.  for you with training in coding, repair installation, networking, technical support, software debugging, or any other IT related disciplines.  Work remotely as an IT technician.

Work independently with smaller companies, bloggers, schools and online businesses .  Take on as many clients as can. Set up your own schedule, all while working from home.  There are many people out there earning very well.

During school hours jobs for moms

Graphic Designing

There are numerous opportunities for all the graphic designers irrespective of the level of the graphic designer.  A great way to demonstrate your work is by designing your own website. There is no better way than this to show your skills.

Search on websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter for freelance or full-time job.

Telehealth jobs from home

Are you a registered nurse? A telephone nurse is one the ultimate work from home phone jobs.

There are many opportunities as a work from home phone operator nurse with health management companies or health insurers.

Set up your work schedule during school hours, in the comfort of your home. Responsibilities include case management, patient education, and treatment authorization.

Earn money at home by working as a nurse telephone operator

The companies you can work with include United Health Group, Aetna, and Humana.


Are you proficient in a language other than English,  think of becoming a document translator. One of the best during school hours jobs.

This is a wonderful opportunity to earn money while improving your language skills. A wonderful thing is that there are many job opportunities as different industries require document translation.

Check  out these websites for available jobs. ProZ, Gengo, and Unbabel.

How to become a dog walker/sitter

Dog walking and pet sitting jobs are perfect for moms who love dogs. Life is hectic and busy, many people don’t have the time to take their dog for a walk.

They need someone to keep their dog active and healthy. This is a great opportunity to take your children with you.

Earn money walking dogs during school hours

Being a dog walker is a job,  you can take your child with you and stay active. A remarkable thing about this is that it will be a great way to have fun with fluffy-friend without having to adopt one.

Some sites that can help you include Fetch!, Rover, and Pet sitters.

How to start a day care in your home.

There are many mothers who have to leave their children home with the babysitters and nannies to take care of them.

Some nannies and babysitters are no longer trustworthy, many parents prefer to leave their child in the daycare.

Earn money as a stay at home mom by setting up a day care

In today’s advanced world, having a home daycare is a great way to keep yourself busy and generate an income.

Before you can start a daycare, you have to know all requirements for opening a home daycare. Check with your local department for early childhood services for a checklist for daycare inspection. Start with gently used furniture, toys, & play mats found on Ebay, Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, garage sales, etc.

To get home day care jobs, contact sites such as Sitter.com and Care.com. Spread the word and get in touch with the childcare centers.

Online Stylist

Do you have a flair for fashion and a great sense of style? Online stylist is a perfect fit for you.

There are many fashion subscription boxes, which are providing the services of a personal stylist.

This will enable you to have professionally curated boxes to utilize your skills to get additional money. You will be helping others flaunt their style.

Make money during school hours as an online stylist.

If you are interested in becoming a stylist, you can visit Rocksbox, Bombfell, and Stitchfix, Dia & co, Trunk club and many more. 

Renting Baby Equipment

One of the things that all the moms have is an abundance of baby gear. People don’t have enough space to carry with them equipment like strollers or cribs.

The best solution is to get baby equipment on rent.

Rent the extra baby equipment you have for making a little cash.  Set up an account and then add the items that are available for rent.

Set up an account on these sites goBaby, Baby’s Away, and Babierge.

There are several jobs moms can do during school hours,  while spending time with their younger children and earning money while doing what you love.

How stay at home moms earn money from home


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