Successful people have one thing in common, they read self development books. The late Jim Rohn once said that while poor people have large screen t.vs, the rich and successful have home libraries.

Reading books is valuable because you adjust your mental approach to your life and work. You start to see the world in a different way when you read about another person’s journey to success; opportunities will appear to you where they didn’t before.

Reading self development books re-energizes and helps you bring optimism into your life in a variety of ways.

Below is a list of self development books you too can read.


This book teaches you that there is no such thing as overnight success. Slow & consistency is the key to success.

Darren Hardy writes that it is the small changes we make in our lives that add up later to the big things. Like wise the small bad habits that we neglect every day, eventually cost us.

Each of us is responsible for their life.  I can not recommend this book enough.

“Success comes from within” said the late Jim Rohn. This book teaches how to how to  the core habits the successful have.  For example, Proactive people take full responsibility of your life.

As an adult, you can not blame  your parents, your grand parents, the government, the weather  etc. Reactive people on the other side, find physical thing to blame like their parents, the weather, they say they are not even responsible for what they do or say.

One of my aha moments in this book is; between stimulus and response is our greatest power,  to choose how we react or how we respond or what say.

Our language mirrors how we view ourselves, proactive people use words such as i can, i will try, while reactive people use words like i  can’t, i won’t etc  Proactive people use their energy & resources on things they can control.

Things like  their health, while reactive people concern themselves  with things like national debt,  yelling because they are stuck in traffic, terrorism.

This also book teaches us how to build stronger bonds with our children, spouses and relationships at work. I can on and on. I Highly recommend this book.

Jim Rohn is considered one of America’s greatest motivational speakers, philosopher and businessman.  In this audio book, you will learn to either choose to take action towards achieving your goals or you don’t.

Either way, it is up to you. Clear cut, no beating around the bush. I have listened to this book over and over, i learn something new every time.  Mr. Rohn teaches us how to work more on our selves, than we do on our job.

Your job gives you a living, working more on yourself, makes you a fortune.  P.S i like everything Jim Rohn.

This book changed my view about making investments & working 9-5 job until retirement age. It teaches us about what we do not learn in school.

Education does not always mean a degree, but being educated about  finances, investing. The author included diagrams about how money flows in and out of our pockets.

Have we earned all those shoes, cars etc or are doing it for the facade?

I loved the story of the young talented writer who came to Robert Kiyosaki and lamented not being able to get published.

He told her she was very talented, and that she should take a sales class. She was mortified. SALES? She was a gifted writer, not a lowly salesperson.

Robert Kiyosaki pointed out that the cover if his book said “Best SELLING author”, not “Best WRITING author”. She was annoyed, he was right.

The bottom line in this book, be debt free, in order to become financially independent.  Dave tells his story of having it all and losing it all.

He explains in depth how you can pay off the smallest to biggest debt, using the debt snowball method.   It is achievable with discipline and gazelle intense focus. Live like no other, to live like no other says Dave.

The success stories out there speak for themselves.  I am using the debt snow ball method, i regret not having know Dave earlier.

If you want to be successful, you have to take 100% responsibility for your life, no more blame game. Everything you think, say, and do needs to become intentional and aligned with your highest purpose, your values, and your goals.

To achieve desired outcomes, we must replace complaining  with making requests and taking action.  One can lose the material possessions, but not the their mastery; because what you learn  you become in the process of achieving your goals/success.

There are so many self development books out there,  i can not write about all of them here at this time.  I will write about other books in the future.



  1. I learned a lot from the Total Money’ makeover and even wrote a blog post about it. I can’t wait to read Rich Dad Poor Dad! I love all the money books!

  2. I have read two out of the of these! I love Dave Ramsey! So smart. I need to check out the rest of these, especially number 1. My patience for success is non existent lol

  3. I am a self-help book junkie so I really appreciate posts like this! They always allow me to find other things to read and those books are always a big help to me. Thanks for some new ideas!

  4. Lauren

    I love 7 habits of highly successful effective people. I think I need revisit this one. I will definitely check out some of your other suggestions.

  5. Aleese Hughes

    “Total Money Makeover” REALLY helped my husband and me during our first year of marriage!

  6. I have read the rich dad poor dad is a fantastic one, highlt inspiring. I will check for others book to see If I can Place an order.

  7. I love reading books ..But yet I haven’t read Rich dad Poor dad…Might be my next read.

  8. Sarbjit Singh

    I have read rich dad poor dad and it is really inspiring !! Would love to others too !!! You are very right, reading books re-energizes and helps you bring optimism into your life in a variety of ways.

  9. These are just a few of many, but I did start with a few in this. list. Rish Dad Poor Dad was my very first.

  10. I have read Robert Kiyosaki books before and they’re all awesome.

    The 7 habits of Highly Effective People has always been on my list. However, I have discovered some books which are worth reading first.

    Glad to see your list! ???? Im thinking of doing a review on books too.

  11. Minakshi Bajpai

    Very good suggestions! I am ordering my copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad super soon

  12. To me, learning is a never-ending process. I always try to be in a coachable mode as there are lot many things that I can learn from all of you by following you. Cheers for this topic.

  13. nice suggestions, i will suggest these books to my friends who need to boost their self-development.

  14. Very good suggestions! I’ve seen the Stephen Covey habits used in classrooms and they are game changers for children!

  15. Blair Villanueva

    I read that Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it was very inspiring. I can read it many times.

  16. Spot on! Self-help books are like your personal Gurus. They offer valuable lessons to those who want to learn. Robert Kiyosaki remains an all time favorite!

  17. These books sound interesting. I might get myself “The Compound Effect” soon.

  18. Was looking for something good to read, thank you, will be getting one of these. 🙂

  19. I have heard of Rich Dad before being a great book, such great recommendations.

  20. Awesome post! I’ve wabted to read Rich Dad Poor Dad for years. Your post may be enough for me to buy it! Thanks!

  21. Great content. I’m sure I’ll buy some of the positions ???? Thank you! A lot of inspirations ????

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