Working at home mom – Melissa Boschman shares her positive experience.

How did being your own boss improve your financial situation?

For my Family – My taking on a work from home Position has allowed us to have some financial freedom in the sense that we aren’t living pay cheque to pay cheque. We can just do what we want as it comes to be …. We still plan vacations, but we don’t have to spend a year saving for it. We can go to a concert on a whim without paying that off the credit card for the next few months. We own our vehicles…we don’t have car payments. We are almost done paying down our loans debts. In the the next couple years my Husband could probably work because he wants to …not because he has too. We are 34 and 36 years old. We are well ahead of our retirement plan.

Do you have kids, do you spend more time with them now that you are working from home?

I have 2 children. One is 8 and finishing grade 3 and the other is 5 and finishing Kindergarten. 1 rescue pup and 1 cat…another pup on the way…we have a full house.  I spend quality time with them…they understand that I work from home. There are still struggles with understanding How I am working but not available on demand lol. That’s Mom life though…they can do so much on their own but prefer I do it for them.  I make sure I only work in the hours they are at school and in blocks of time that we agree upon…I will say Mom wants to work right now for an hour can you guys amuse yourselves and keep the fighting to a minimum for the next hour? If so, then we can go for a walk afterwards…

They know and understand what the end goal is if I can work uninterrupted. They are a part of the process. I don’t want to get to my goal and turn around and my family isn’t there celebrating with me. You must be aware and include their feelings in your new job.  If you respect your time and you teach your family too it won’t be a disruption to your life.


Was it easier starting out, taking that Initial Leap of Faith?

For sure. It was new and exciting and adventurous and nothing I had ever done before I was telling the whole world…Nothings changed in that except its no longer new to me and those around me…so I am constantly seeking new friends and contacts that are willing to just look at what I have been doing for the last few years. I find that there is more trust now when I share because have been active inside my business for so long.

When I first started I could not leave my home. I was trapped in a fear cycle due to some health issues. I hadn’t worked in 5.5 years…My husband was heading back to work doing shift work which was nothing any of us wanted. I knew if I could go to work that we wouldn’t need him to be away making money for both of us. Panic and Anxiety had ruled my life.

Our kids couldn’t attend regular sporting activities…swimming lessons…routine childhood things because I wasn’t able to take them, and my husband wasn’t home to take them…This opportunity I joined changed that… I found strength I had lost. I found a community of like minded people. They knew where I was coming from. They didn’t need to know my past to see my successes. That love, and faith helped me to believe in myself again.

And of course, one of the products I work with helped me to learn about and begin healing my gut to brain connection. Because I was able to put that anxiety to rest I was able to grow my business and start seeing large scale results. Every time I meet with someone or talk to someone that comes from the pain I came from I can see them wanting to believe that they too could have a new beginning that they too could change the cycle they are trapped in. It’s a beautiful thing when you can set someone free from their personal jail cell. I went from taking a leap of faith to helping others take their leap of faith.

What are the misconceptions about working from home?

That it will be easy. That you will have all the free time to sun tan and read books and paint pictures… That you won’t be distracted by laundry, dishes, floor mopping, the sudden need to clean your closet…Making dinner, getting groceries, organizing your toddlers dresser…

When you work from home You see and live and work in your home. That means you must have that self discipline to focus on your work.  I see people start a home business and they get a week in, they are over whelmed, and they are terrified because what they thought was going to be Mimosas and Girl talk was work. Its taken them from their Netflix Binge watching while the baby naps to planning their business strategy.

To figuring how they can answer that phone call that they know is a sale, but their kids are screaming… how to write that text message that shows compassion even when the answer is NO. I believed in rainbows and unicorns when I started working from home…I still do but I know now that I make them. No one gives these moments to me…I make them. I earned every single moment.

Time- was something I was not prepared to battle. It was not one of the objections I was taught to overcome. I had to learn that skill.

Working from Home is wonderful, and it allows me to be available to my family but unless you can separate Work from Home you can get yourself into a full time all hours availability mode. Don’t do that. Schedule your work hours and work in those hours. Keep that balance.

You will find that you can get lost inside your work and look up and its dinner time and you haven’t done anything, and your kids are hangry and you are now stressed and one day a month in you decide its too much and you quit and you blame it on the fact that it took all your time…when in fact you just didn’t manage your time. It wasn’t your business or your mentor that killed you it was your own self discipline and mismanaged ideals.

You need to have a mentor. You need to have someone to show you the way. You need to have a system and when shown that system you need to follow it as is. Don’t rewrite it. Just do as is…You will see…Work from Home is amazing. Its freedom. Its work and its pays but you have to do the time.


Melissa Boschman


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  1. Sarbjit Singh

    Indeed great ideas to work from home , it is really very helpful !!!!

  2. Great ideas for working at home. I’ll investigate a few of these!

  3. I don’t find it hard to believe that the main thing would be to focus on your work and that it’s not always easy ????

  4. When my children are a bit older I plan to try and find a work from home opportunity. You have given great points to remember when getting started and keeping things in order.

    1. admin

      I am glad the post was helpful.

  5. As a work-at-home mom, I agree that the hardest part can be separating expectations of what I do around the house and for the kids with what I need to do for my business. It was really important to make that mental divide for myself and to make sure the rest of my family was on board.

  6. hmmm I need to share your post to my Wife ???? For sure It give her good energy ????

    1. admin

      Go ahead & share. Thank you do much.

  7. Loved the freedom when working from home. I can stay focused and be more productive. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


    1. admin

      I love to do collaborations. Thank you so much.

  8. This is such a great article! Being a work at home mom is SO difficult, and so many people have misconceptions about it!

  9. Cadina

    Thanks for sharing, I will be working from home once I start my family!!!

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